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Distributed infrastructure options

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Option 6: Clove Lakes Transmission Loop Project

Clove Lakes Transmission Loop Project Graphic


This option would expand our natural gas capacity with the construction of approximately 8 miles of a new, 30-inch steel transmission main across Staten Island, enabling National Grid to remove a “bottleneck” and draw more gas through the existing TETCO Goethals Take Station. The project can be compared to adding an additional lane to a roadway—it adds additional capacity to move gas.

Contribution Size

70–100 MDth/day


Extremely reliable, and inherently resistant to above ground weather events.

Solution Portfolio Cost

$1.57 Billion–$2.63 Billion

Environmental Impact

Ecological impacts would be relatively small as it crosses already developed areas. Ongoing impacts will be minimal, since little maintenance will be necessary. Outside of construction activities, GHG emissions will be minor, and significantly lower than those associated with LNG options. Construction would take place in heavily populated areas—potentially impacting highways, water crossings, etc.

Requirements for Implementation

Initial estimates indicate that the transmission main could be in service by November 2025, at the earliest.

Relative Attractiveness

Relative Attractiveness Chart