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Distributed infrastructure options

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Option 7: Iroquois Enhancement by Compression (ExC) Project

Iroquois Enhancement by Compression graphic


This project option includes construction of additional compression facilities intended to increase the capacity available through the existing Iroquois pipeline system, and is expected to involve the addition of incremental compression and/or gas cooling at, or adjacent to, Iroquois’ existing Athens, Dover, Brookfield and Milford Compressor Stations.

Contribution Size

Additional 125 MDth/day of supply to be evenly split between National Grid and Con Edison.


Extremely reliable, and inherently resistant to above ground weather events.

Solution Portfolio Cost

$1.11 Billion–$2.22 Billion

Environmental Impact

Since any new compressor station will be constructed at existing facilities, the ecological impact will be moderate. Iroquois is proposing to install methane recovery systems to capture released natural and reduce methane emissions. Minimal community impacts are anticipated.

Requirements for Implementation

Assuming necessary authorizations, project is expected to be in-service by November 2023.

Relative Attractiveness

Relative Attractiveness Chart