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Distributed infrastructure options

Offshore LNG Deepwater Port graphic

Option 5: LNG Barges

LNG Barges graphic


Under this option, one or more specialty LNG Barges would be constructed with onboard vaporization equipment. Called Floating Storage and Regasification Barges (FSRBs), these vessels would be towed to locations where water access, pier capacity, and gas system takeaway allow them to transfer LNG from a variety of land- and sea-based sources and inject vaporized natural gas into the existing onshore pipeline.

Contribution Size

100 MDth/day (two barges at 50 MDth/day per barge)


Highly reliable; mobility makes them less vulnerable to the effects of severe weather.

Solution Portfolio Cost

$1.36 Billion–$2.42 Billion

Environmental Impact

Ecological impacts would be similar to an offshore LNG port solution, but at a smaller scale. CNG emissions are projected to be 10–15% higher than a pipeline solution. Only minor community impacts to water views in winter and waterside recreation.

Requirements for Implementation

Total estimated implementation timeline is 5–6 years.

Relative Attractiveness

Relative Attractiveness Chart