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Large-scale infrastructure projects

Offshore LNG Deepwater Port graphic

Option 2: LNG Import Terminal

LNG Import Terminal graphic


This option involves building the infrastructure necessary to accommodate LNG carrier ships, including an LNG receiving facility, onshore storage, regasification and transportation components. Such a facility would be able to accommodate peak demand and be managed to help meet daily demand during the year. It will, however, require changes to or a waiver of existing New York State law that limits land storage of natural gas.

Contribution Size

400 MDth/day capacity


Highly reliable, however, more vulnerable to weather/severe weather events than the LNG Deepwater Port or LNG Barge options.

Solution Portfolio Cost

$2.46 Billion–$2.78 Billion

Environmental Impact

Equivalent or slightly higher than those associated with the Offshore LNG Deepwater Port, and higher than pipeline development. GHG emissions present a climate impact 10–15% greater than a standard natural gas solution. Significant impact to the community resulting from construction and operation.

Requirements for Implementation

Pending necessary change of NYS law, estimated timeline to completion is 5–6 years.

Relative Attractiveness

Relative Attractiveness Chart