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Large-scale infrastructure projects

Offshore LNG Deepwater Port graphic

Option 3: Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) Project

Northeast Supply Enhancement graphic


The NESE Project option involves the construction of interstate pipeline infrastructure to transport natural gas from Pennsylvania to New York through New Jersey via the Raritan Bay and Lower New York Bay. The pipeline would include approximately 23.5 miles (approximately 17 in New York) of underwater pipeline to the Rockaway Peninsula of Queens.

Contribution Size

400 MDth/day capacity


Extremely reliable, and inherently resistant to above ground weather events.

Solution Portfolio Cost

$1.82 Billion–$1.83 Billion

Environmental Impact

Ecological impact of construction would be similar to Offshore LNG Deepwater Port, albeit over a larger geographic area. Ongoing operations will have a much lower effect on the environment, and GHG emissions are expected to be 10–15% lower than any of the LNG solutions. Community impacts would be minimal with majority of construction happening offshore.

Requirements for Implementation

Assuming permit approval by June 2020, estimated completion by December of 2021.

Relative Attractiveness

Relative Attractiveness Chart