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Large-scale infrastructure projects

Offshore LNG Deepwater Port graphic

Option 1: Offshore LNG Deepwater Port

Offshore LNG Deepwater Port graphic


This option involves the installation of an offshore buoy connected to one of the existing undersea pipelines that currently supply the Downstate NY region. Connected to this buoy would be a floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU)—a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) bulk delivery ship typically capable of storing more than 3,000 MDth of LNG and vaporizing it for injection into the pipeline to accommodate peak demand and potentially meet daily demand during the year.

Contribution Size

There are two potential locations where this could be installed. Each location would be capable of delivering 400 MDth/day capacity.


Highly Reliable

Solution Portfolio Cost

$1.90 Billion–$2.22 Billion

Environmental Impact

During construction, impact includes disturbance of the seafloor, decreased water and air quality, increased sedimentation, noise, and waste generation. Once operational, the FSRU and refueling tankers can be expected to generate stack and cooling water emissions. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the vaporization process present a climate impact 10–15% greater than a standard natural gas solution. Given its offshore location, the community impacts of this option should be minimal.

Requirements for Implementation

Full implementation is estimated to require 6–8 years.

Possible Locations

Possible Locations

Relative Attractiveness

Relative Attractiveness Chart