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Distributed infrastructure options

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Option 4: Peak LNG Facility

Peak LNG Facility graphic


This option involves construction of a new LNG peak shaving plant similar to the facilities operated by National Grid in Greenpoint and Holtsville. It would support the liquefying and storage of excess natural gas during warmer periods for future vaporization and injection into the distribution system to meet Design Day demand when temperatures drop. As with the LNG Import Terminal option, construction of a Peak LNG facility will require a change to, or waiver of, existing New York State law that limits land storage of natural gas.

Contribution Size

100 MDth/day capacity


Highly reliable

Solution Portfolio Cost

$1.49 Billion–$2.54 Billion

Environmental Impact

Moderate ecological impacts typically associated with large construction projects. GHG emissions would also be limited to peak times but about 10–15% higher than standard natural gas supply. Since this permanent facility would be sited in a community, community impact has the potential to be high.

Requirements for Implementation

Pending necessary change of NYS law, estimated timeline to completion is 5–6 years.

Relative Attractiveness

Relative Attractiveness Chart